Slipping - Posted March 12th, 2010
I know I've been slipping about writing in this. Well got some snakes breeding this evening, which is a good thing. I really want to produce some nice Lessers and Mojaves ..well and pretty much everything we have. The one that I am really excited to see is the Poss het hypo female I what to produce some hypos so bad. I've love them for the longest time and we need some females.

If all goes well we are going to be adding a couple of new females. They'll be the only thing we add this year but that is fine by me. I'm not going to who or why they are parting with them but we looking to add a nice Lemon Blast Male, Ivory female and Calico female. These will do great things in the collection I just know it.. I've already got big plans for the lot of them..
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