WARE Show! - Posted March 31st, 2010
This past weekend I spent in Birmingham AL with members of USARK and Ball-pythons.net. We were proud to be able to host a table at Will and Angie's new show. It was both professional and well organized. They were kind enough to have dinner with us both Friday and Saturday night and show us some of the hot spots in town. Saturday setup was smooth and uneventful. We spent the day collecting signatures for the opposition to the amendment of the Lacy act, banning the interstate sale and transportation of the "Big 9". Loads of people were willing to sign and let congress know how they felt. To all those people thank you!!

Now you know W can't got to a show and not add new animals right? Two of the people at this show were also really good friends. Justin from Jkoyblka Reptiles and Louis from Cornerstone Reptiles. After looking over their stuff really good we made the decision that a male Spot Nose that Justin had and a female Lesser that Louis had just had to come home with us.

Got home Sunday and had loads to do. Clean snakes and water them, get new babies set up and get the display animals we took set back up. All in all we had a good time and look forward to doing it again soon.
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