Feeding this time of year!! - Posted May 2nd, 2010
First of all I know that it has been forever that I haven't written in this in a while but I'm here now. I'll try and catch everyone up. Our breeding is going great we even got our first clutch of the 2010 year. It was a surprise clutch that I didn't even know we were getting. Nothing like a clutch of Lesser's cooking in the bator for the first clutch.

Now on two this time of year that I love to feed so much. It's always daunting to dodge all those teeth but I like that I don't have to wait around for snakes to eat. When they take the rat out of mid air or right off the tongs. It really does my heart good to see the 09's eating and growing so well.

I'll try and make a better effort to write in here and keep it up but I stay so busy it's really hard to find the time what with the baby on the way and all the home improvements I stay out of pocket..

More clutches to come some really fun stuff we're looking forward to.
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