What you got? - Posted July 13th, 2010
Once I've started getting some different combo's and multi gene animals into the collection it makes for some interesting conversations. While talking to a good friend of mine about future plans and breeding collection the idea of "Backup males" came up. These are males that will be bred to females along with other males. In our collection these are combo or super males this way we are assured to get a good mix of the same gene.

During this conversation I made mention of the fact that I needed a backup Pin male..Our pinstripe male hasn't bred for us two years in a row now (very frustrating), My good friend started to laugh and said you have a Backup Pin male. I assured him I didn't, till he reminded me we had picked up a male "Lemon Blast" last year..

I find that when I stop and think about it there are things we have in the racks that get me really excited about future production..Thing like breeding a Sugar female to a Killer blast or Killer Bee female.
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