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New Lesser video - Posted May 7th, 2010
Feeding this time of year!! - Posted May 2nd, 2010
First of all I know that it has been forever that I haven't written in this in a while but I'm here now. I'll try and catch everyone up. Our breeding is going great we even got our first clutch of the 2010 year. It was a surprise clutch that I didn't even know we were getting. Nothing like a clutch of Lesser's cooking in the bator for the first clutch.

Now on two this time of year that I love to feed so much. It's always daunting to dodge all those teeth but I like that I don't have to wait around for snakes to eat. When they take the rat out of mid air or right off the tongs. It really does my heart good to see the 09's eating and growing so well.

I'll try and make a better effort to write in here and keep it up but I stay so busy it's really hard to find the time what with the baby on the way and all the home improvements I stay out of pocket..

More clutches to come some really fun stuff we're looking forward to.
Spring - Posted April 3rd, 2010
it has started getting warmer this last week and that means that we should start getting some ovulation's. But as normal things are going slower than I would like. But it's looking like we are going to have a race between a spider clutch, Hypo, and BEL. Fingers crossed we hit good odds this year. bigsmile.gif
WARE Show! - Posted March 31st, 2010
This past weekend I spent in Birmingham AL with members of USARK and Ball-pythons.net. We were proud to be able to host a table at Will and Angie's new show. It was both professional and well organized. They were kind enough to have dinner with us both Friday and Saturday night and show us some of the hot spots in town. Saturday setup was smooth and uneventful. We spent the day collecting signatures for the opposition to the amendment of the Lacy act, banning the interstate sale and transportation of the "Big 9". Loads of people were willing to sign and let congress know how they felt. To all those people thank you!!

Now you know W can't got to a show and not add new animals right? Two of the people at this show were also really good friends. Justin from Jkoyblka Reptiles and Louis from Cornerstone Reptiles. After looking over their stuff really good we made the decision that a male Spot Nose that Justin had and a female Lesser that Louis had just had to come home with us.

Got home Sunday and had loads to do. Clean snakes and water them, get new babies set up and get the display animals we took set back up. All in all we had a good time and look forward to doing it again soon.
Upcoming Show - Posted March 25th, 2010
So this coming weekend I will be helping out at the WARS show at Birmingham, AL. going to helping at the USARK table. Please come by and see me. Going to have some of the animals on display there too..Stop by and say hi.. bigsmile.gif
Monday Blues - Posted March 23rd, 2010
Wow it is really only Monday, Blah! ah yes the thing's that make you got Hmmm.. Not much went on got some girls that are developing nicely and hope to see some good eggs out of them. I need some hold back spiders bigsmile.gif I'd rather have a hold back Bee male to double up my spider. We got the Lemon Blast to back up the Pin (who isn't doing a thing) So why not a Bee to back up the Spider ??

Super pastels are growing nicely.. very nicely in fact. I can't wait to see what they look like at 800+ grams.. the female just glows..I mean glows..

Ok time for bed early day tomorrow..

Long couple of days! - Posted March 20th, 2010
Been allot going on the last few days. We added some new snakes, sold some and just general business stuff. Breeding season is going good got a few girls that I expect to really go any week now. The poss het hypo is one that I am watching closely for sure, there is other stuff I'm really looking forward to hatching like super Mojave's all in all we are looking at a really great year..hoping it's not as late as last year but we'll see.. bigsmile.gif
New additions. - Posted March 17th, 2010
So this is a big week for us. We're getting some really great new morphs..

Lemon Blast
Slipping - Posted March 12th, 2010
I know I've been slipping about writing in this. Well got some snakes breeding this evening, which is a good thing. I really want to produce some nice Lessers and Mojaves ..well and pretty much everything we have. The one that I am really excited to see is the Poss het hypo female I what to produce some hypos so bad. I've love them for the longest time and we need some females.

If all goes well we are going to be adding a couple of new females. They'll be the only thing we add this year but that is fine by me. I'm not going to who or why they are parting with them but we looking to add a nice Lemon Blast Male, Ivory female and Calico female. These will do great things in the collection I just know it.. I've already got big plans for the lot of them..
Good Day Relaxing - Posted March 8th, 2010
After church today my wife and I took her mom and dad out for lunch for their 40th anniversary. After a good lunch at Red Lobster we came home and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling.

As for breeding today as a good day. Had most of the males locked up.. I'm really looking forward to this hatching season. I so want to hatch some two and three gene stuff this year..
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