Recessive Morphs
Albino: a mutation that removes the melanin from the skin and eyes.
Axanthic: A mutation that removes the animals ability to produce the yellow skin pigment
Pied: This recessive mutation is one of the pride of any collection, whether it be a breeder or collector
Hypo: Also known as a "ghost" this morph lowers the amount of melanin the animal produces giving it a frosted look.
Caramel Albino: this is the T+ version of the regular albino. We're working with a grouped of het's to produce these little gems. Look for them to be hitting the available page in seasons to come

Codominant Morphs & Supers
Mojave: a Co-dom mutation who's combos like the Jigsaw (Mojo X Pinstripe) are on our list of have to haves. It also is a Blue Eyed Lucy producer.
Lesser: A co-dom mutation that is one half of the Blue Eyed Lucy . It is named for its likeness to the Platty, only "lesser".
Pastel: A mutation that increases the amount of Xanthophore in the animal.
Enchi: First reproduced By Lar Brandl in 2002. This mutation is know for its copper looking super as well as being a wonderful animal to use in cleaning up other morphs
Cinnamon This morph is the piece of the puzzle needed to make the coveted all black snake and the Panda Pied.
Lemon Pastel: Bred for their extreme yellow and smooth color they are by far the brightest morph on the market today. Don't be fooled simply saying your pastel is a lemon doesn't mean it is. Lemons are directly traceable back to the original NERD line of lemons.
super pastel
Super Pastel: this is the super or Homozygous form of the Pastel Jungle. We were lucky enough to hatch two of these this year.
Yellow Belly: This morph while subtle is on of the best kept secrets in the Ball python world. From making Super Stripes to Ivory's this is where it's at.
Ivory: Super form of the Yellow belly mutation this was by far the most surprising thing in the Ball world. No one could have guessed that the ever so subtle Yellow Belly would have produce such a great looking animal.
Spotnose: these are one of those subtle morphs that many people forget about. With light color's, really nice contrast and many of them do have "Spot's" on their nose, however many of them don't. The super is an even more whacked out animal. Look for many Spotnose combos to come.
Fire: This is the Het. form of the Black eyed Luck. It also really cleans up other morphs like the Pastel Fire aka Firefly or the Fire Pied. This is a really smooth looking morph with soft yellowish tans and deep dark blacks, the head is very faded and the belly has a Hypo look to it.. Look for some Fire Combos to come soon.
Super Mojave: This is our first Blue Eyed Lucy to produce. It was the product of breeding two Mojave's together. Unlike some Lucy's these guys do have some color to them mostly on the head. WOW what a power house to have in a collection, and a great looking animal to boot.
Tequila This morph is a joint project between us and three other breeders. Much like the Yellow Belly, this morph has a speckled belly, higher flames and a aberrant pattern. It produces a super that is much like the Ivory (super yellow belly) with one slight difference, It's peach in color.
Disco: Much like the vanillia, this morph is subtle and yet offers many great combo possiablities. we are looking forward to getting this morph into a few things we have laying around.

Dominant and Combos
Pinstripe Granite:This Combo is the dominant mutation of Pinstripe and Granite in the same animal. It makes for a very broken and busy pattern on the Pinstripe base.
Spider:This is by far my favorite mutation in this group. I love them all high white or low. I'll take them all.
Bumble Bee:This combo is the offspring of a spider and a pastel. Breeding the two together will yield a 1:4 offspring odds for this combo.
Hypo Mojo
Hypo Mojave: This is the combo of the hypo/ghost with the Mojave morph. We are currently working with a group of Mojave het Hypo's an hypos in the effort to produce these in the coming seasons.
Calico: This dominant morph is a real pleasure. Ranging from high white to low white they like so many animals with genetic white combine well with very thing be on the look out for many Calico Combo's to come.
Lemon Blast
Lemon blast : The combination of the the Pinstripe and the Lemon Pastel truly is one of the few combos that seem to get better with time.. Look for many new things with this boy from us.
Pewter: this is the combo of the Codom Cinni and the Codom Pastel. While they start off silver and black the slowly gain that Pastel yellow that makes them so light as babies. We're looking forward to seeing many different Pewter combos this coming season.
Pastel Enchi: This is the Combination of the Pastel and the Enchi. These animals are intensely yellow, very reduced in pattern and bare a "clover leaf" on the top of their heads. Unlike other pastels and their combo's these like the Enchi in the only get better with age. Look for many cool combos to come from these little gyms. (photo property of and used with the permission of NERD)
Mojave Spider
Mojave Spider: This is the combo of the Mojave and Spider. This is one of those morphs that when you have a good one they are just wonderful combo's.
Bumblebee Mojave
Bumblebee Mojave: A three gene combo that is a Spider, Lemon Pastel and Mojave all in the same animal. We look forward to seeing what we can produce with this male in coming years.
Pinstripe: This Morph has many of the same traits of the spider. With a very even color and really reduced pattern Pinstripes are a wonderful way to make many different combo's.

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