Delivery Information

"Live Delivery Guarantee: We guarantee that your animal arrives alive and well or your money back"

  • All animals are shipped overnight via Fed-Ex next day ground.

  • We guarantee all animals will arrive alive and healthy to your door or your money back

  • All shipments must be signed for by the addressee for Guaranteed Live delivery. If someone other than addressee is to sign for package prior notice must be give with in 24 hours of shipping.

  • All shipment's must be inspected upon arrival. Any delay in inspecting may result in waver of Live Delivery Guarantee or money back offer.

  • Live Delivery Guarantee expires 24 hours after package is signed for.


    We can't control the environment the animal is exposed to once its in your care.

  • Any delay in contacting us in the event of an issue or missing "Check List" item may result in waver of Live Guarantee or money back offer

  • Return of animal's body may be required for refund. This will be decided on a case by case basis. Disposal of the body prior to contacting us waves the "Money Back" offer.


    Returning the body will be at the expense of Wildmorph Pythons should it be requested

  • While problems are rare we understand they do happen. Contact with us is key should a problem arise. We take every step possible to ensure that your animal is both safe and healthy when it arrives to your door.